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Signature Artdolls by Angie Porco

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DSC_2379 copy.jpg

The Finest of Details...

All Sprung From Neverland Signature Artdolls feature Prototype level details using the newest techniques and the finest materials available in the industry.  Starting with the newest released, 100% authentic sculptor kits on the market, we bring your next baby to life as a one-of-a-kind work of art you will cherish for a lifetime.

Typical Feature List:

100% Authentic, Limited Edition Sculptor Kit(s)

Genesis Heatset Paints & Genesis Matte Varnishes

Delta Dawn Premium Mohair

Real Lanugo

Painted Hair details using multiple shades and techniques

Premium Go Home Outfits

Premium Accessories

Signature Edition SFN COA's & Owners Registry



Raising the Artistic Bar...


With each SFN Signature Artdoll, you will see incredible, life like skin tones, including mottling, veining, blushing and a level of depth to the skin that is hyper realistic and true to life.  Most SFN Signature Dolls feature real lanugo, milia, scratches, birthmarks and other fine, hyper realistic details that make your doll a true work of art.  All SFN Signature Artdolls will come with painted and/or rooted hair with multiple tones and techniques to create dimension and realism only seen on only the finest Artdolls in the industry.  Your SFN Signature Artdoll is one of the finest in the industry.

Your Signature SFN Artdoll will come home with a premium go home outfit, binky, premium blanket, sculptor and artist COA & Birth Certificate and Owners Registry.  Each of our dolls are made from 100% authentic sculptor kits purchased directly from the sculptor or original distributor.    


We use only the finest materials and finishes available and guarantee your doll will last a lifetime if cared for properly.  We include care instructions and offer post sale support if needed regarding the handling and care of your Artdoll for as long as you own it. 


sfn signature artdoll GALLERY

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