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SFN Artist Profile - Angie Porco

That's my daughter, Kaidy and i in the photo on the left.  The entire reason i am into reborning is because of "kait".  

one day we were watching YouTube videos about dolls together (which are Kait's favorite toys) and a reborn doll video came up - we were both captivated!  We spent many hours over the next week studying and immersing ourselves into the reborning arts.  It was immediately afterwards I knew i wanted to become a reborn artist.  Within a few weeks, my first doll was born.

That doll was born near Thanksgiving of 2017 and was adopted within 1 week.  I cannot express how thrilled i was when someone adopted it, i actually cried!  Since then, I have had the pleasure of reborning nearly 200 dolls, all of which have loving homes or are a part of my private collection.

In early 2020, I was awarded my first prototype by Tiffany Campbell, which will be produced this fall.  I look forward to showcasing the best i have in the doll for the community to enjoy.

My most recent career outside of reborning was as a licensed cosmetologist, where i spent most of my time around skin and hair for the better part of ten years.  Painting skin and rooting hair, therefore, has been an interesting experience,!  Of course still providing haircuts for the dolls after rooting combines my past and present careers, in a sort of artistic irony!

Family means everything to me, as I am a wife and a Mother of 3 beautiful children that are my world.  When not reborning, i spend as much time as possible with my family making memories!  We love all things Disney and the Arts.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me and taking an interest into my artdolls.  I put my heart and soul into each and every doll I create - I truly hope that radiates through the photos across this site.


Angie Porco